“In her debut book, Canyon Road, Kari Kristina Reeves, a modern-day psalmist, encourages discipleship through intentional prayer by focusing on topical themes. Drawing on her work as a spiritual director to artists, Kari shares a glimpse of the beauty found in the heart of God, inviting the reader to an intimate awareness of the Presence of the Lord. This is a very important book—and a beautifully articulate guide for anyone seeking a richer conversation with God.”

Executive Director
Dallas Willard Center for Christian Spiritual Formation 


“This is a remarkable book. I can honestly say that, apart from the Book of Psalms, this is the most helpful and moving collection of prayers that I have ever read, and I will return to it over and over again for my own personal use. Like the psalms themselves, these prayers are the ‘best thoughts in the best language.’”

Resident Scholar
Francis A. Schaeffer Institute, Covenant Theological Seminary


“This is what I know. God is real, and prayer is powerful. Canyon Road is a beautiful guide that shows us all the ways to have an ongoing conversation with our Creator. Kari’s work will inspire anyone who yearns for God.”

Grammy Award Winning Country Music Artist
New York Times Bestselling Author


Canyon Road is an essential travel companion…”

President & CEO [Ret.], Hermès – U.S., Lacoste – U.S., Oxxford Clothes